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04 May, 2017

Written by Chiltern Mills Blog Team in Tips & Advice

What is a voile curtain?

This window dressing is known as Voile Curtains, Voile Panels or simply Voiles.

Voile Curtains and Voile Panels cover window spaces with their attractive designs, create privacy and also block out the light. The term comes from the same French term that means veil and is what really gives the voile its notable feature - you can see through it from inside your home but the person outside will not really see anything.

People have long recognised that strong sun rays can damage furniture and voiles are ideal for offering protection against these rays without making the room look unnaturally dark.

Voile Curtain Guide

What styles do voiles usually come in?

It’s not so long ago that all voiles were plain white and hung on the patio or back door that led to the garden in the summer. Today they are main stream!

Taking their lead from curtains, voiles now come in a variety of styles. Check patterns, two tone patterns, textured voiles with shimmering metallic features and patterned styles with hearts, birds and flower are now offered in ultra-modern styles.

What sizes do voiles come in?

Voiles are longer in length than net curtains and are usually designed to reach just above the floor to create a full flowing effect. Sizes vary but they usually start from 135cms (53") width and 137cms (54") drop and go up to 150cms (59") width and 229cms (90").

Note Voile Curtains come in single panels and when measuring we recommend using one panel for every 60-90cm (2-3ft) window width.

Can Voiles be altered from their standard lengths?

No matter how hard you try, a standard size may not be exactly what you want. However, it is possible to have voiles altered to length using our dedicated in house alteration team.

Price start from just £5.00.

Do all voiles have the same headings?

No is the answer.

Many of the voiles have a simple slot top heading but in recent years manufacturers have been busy innovating with a new range of voiles that have an Eyelet Heading. This has enabled them to offer more designs and styles that complement modern curtains, blinds, wallpaper and interior fabrics as people take on their own home improvement projects.

Matching a room with blinds and voiles can look fabulous as the image below illustrates.

How do you hang voiles?

.Well it all depends. If the voile comes with a simple slot top heading then a pole, tension rod or wire can be used. A small diameter pole seems to be the most popular today.

For those voiles with an Eyelet heading a curtain pole is best although a tension rod and brackets can be used.

How do you wash Voiles?

You should always look at the manufactures instructions as they can differ. Generally voile curtains can be machined wash but many still need to be hand washed so please look carefully.

Voile Collections

To see all voile collections please visit http://www.chilternmills.co.uk/net-and-voiles/voiles/1

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Voile Curtain Guide